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Invisible Bonds

Invisible bond is defined as “A spiritual connection between two people who have been physically intimate with each other or who have had an intense emotional or spiritual association or relationship.”
The concept of soul ties is sometimes traced back to Genesis 2:24 and 1 Corinthians 6:16.
Soul ties are differentiated into *godly soul ties, such as those that normally develop between a husband and wife and *ungodly soul ties, such as those that are said to be caused by premarital sex, adultery, various kinds of abuse, and occult activity

An ungodly soul tie … is any relationship that stands between you and all that God wants you to be.

A negative (ungodly) soul tie is created when these relationships become abusive and involve sin. This can include any kind of physical, sexual or psychological abuse resulting in the pain and suffering of our soul.

When we have been involved with a person, place, or thing for a long period of time, we have developed “Invisible bond /soul ties.” When that person or place or thing is taken from us, we react as if we are still involved with it.

When there is a sexual relationship between two people, there also is a soul tie and a spiritual connection. I Corinthians chapter 6 talks about the man who sleeps with a prostitute and becomes one flesh.

When we have a sexual experience, our brains produce dopamine, the same chemical that feeds a gambling addiction, your chocolate cravings and the junkie’s need for another fix. Dopamine is often described as the “feel good” chemical of the brain and it plays a major role in our lives (good and bad).
You see, our bodies don’t care if it’s cocaine, a cupcake or a sexual experience – dopamine will be produced and it will bind us.
Invisible bonds are like super glue.

Our soul can still be tied to someone who has abused us.

The invisible bonds of materialism
Rather than becoming entrapped by luxury, find ways to build bonds of solidarity and love.

Signs that you have an unhealthy invisible bond /soul tie.

1. You are in a physically, and/or emotionally, and/or spiritually abusive relationship , but you “feel” so attached to them that you refuse to cut off the connection and set boundaries with them.

2. You have left a relationship (maybe long ago), but you think about the other person obsessively (you can’t get them out of your mind).

3. Whenever you do anything – make a decision, have a conversation with someone etc., you “feel” like this person is with you or watching you.

4. When you have sex with someone else (hopefully your husband or wife), you can hardly keep yourself from visualizing the person you have a soul tie with.

5. You take on the negative traits of the person that your soul is tied to and carry their offenses whether or not you actually agree with them.

6. You defend your right to stay in a relationship with the person that your soul is tied to, even though it is negatively effecting or even destroying the important relationships in your life (husband, wife, kids, leaders, etc.)

7. You have simultaneous experiences and/or “moods” as the person your soul is tied to. This can even include sickness, accidents, addictions etc.

Some symptoms of lingering soul ties (invisible bond) include:

1. Someone whose voice you hear in your head

2. Obsessive day-time thought about someone

3. Dreaming or waking up at night thinking about someone on a regular basis

4. Someone you think of or “see” in your mind when you are intimate with your spouse

Breaking Invisible Bonds

There are 4 Key steps to breaking invisible bonds:
1. Acknowledge
2. Confess and Repent
3. Forgive
4. Break and Remove

First, we need to acknowledge that there is a problem. Ask the Lord to show you who you have ungodly soul ties with. Make a list if you need to.

Secondly, we need to confess and repent of our sins . This may involve finding a godly accountability partner that you can confess to and who can help you walk through the process. It maybe be a church counselor, pastor or elder or a family member.

Next, we need to find forgiveness. We need to accept God’s forgiveness, we need to forgive ourselves and lastly, we need to forgive our former partners or abusers . Remember, “ Unforgiveness is like drinking poison and hoping the other person dies.”

Finally, you need to verbalize a prayer to break off the soul ties. You need to speak it out!
Life and death are in the power of the tongue so when you speak out you are declaring with your mouth the power of Christ to break the ties to your past.
You must also do an inventory and remove any mementoes, gifts or souvenirs from those past relationships.

Renouncing invisible bonds

I renounce all books, television shows, movies, music, and games that glorify occult practices or experiences. Through the blood of Jesus, I break all ungodly soul ties and bondages.


  1. I agree with you on a lot that you have written however when you talk about intimacy, it comes in different levels. There's intimacy without actual sex and there's sex with multiple partners. So do people take on the traits of everyone they have been involved with?

    1. Yes they do take all those traits but in the spiritual sense.

  2. I'm really glad i got to read your post. Really helpful and will sure play an impactful role in more lives than you can imagine. Such info will be really appreciative if it can go viral. Thank you very much. Make sure to post more please.

    1. You are most welcomed and thank you too.

  3. Such a nice article. Your insight were wonderful! I wonder if soulmates were really meant for each other? cos I've seen lots of people saying that they're soulmates but still they end up in separation.

    1. Yes. Soulmates are always meant for each other. I also see people say so but end up separating. Maybe they concluded too early and their soulmate was somewhere out there.

  4. I totally agree, u can love someone as if u r one soul in 2 bodies. Also many people just die after his lover die. When u lovesome one really, bridges of love connects ur both hearts together and u cant forget each other for ever

    1. I have also heard cases where a wife dies and the husband dies the following day. I am not sure if soulmates should also die together but it is inspiring to know that a lasting love still exists and that we still have a chance to find our own soulmates.

  5. I am confused of what I am reading here. O don't get "souls ties", ungodly or negative.

    The only I could say whether you believe this or not. My wife and I have been born with the same month, date and year
    We were married for 45 years and we have a faithful marriage with 6 growing up children who have their own family and children to raise.

    How do you consider our relationship? Are we soulmates?

    1. Yes you are. Some soul mates have different characteristics and what determines if one couple is a soulmate won't determine for the other.

      Like in your case having the same date of birth can be considered a coincidence but we shouldn't overlook this. You are soulmates and that is why your union has lasted this long.


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