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The "Nice Guy"

There are nice guys but this guy today camouflages as a nice guy to women- sensitive, caring, etc.... then he lies behind your back and keeps other women in the background who believe his lies.

He is basically highly insecure and uses other women or men to rebound and feed his ego and blames everything on his girlfriend because he is like the devil- unable to change for his own good.

He will make promises to you and make you feel like he really loves you but he does not need you but only to toy with and use to feed his ego. He will flip on you but call you unstable and even crazy to hide his dysfunctional behavior.

He acts like a gentlemen to everyone in public, has no boundaries, not even with other women because he wants all to like him and he needs their attention so he can get away with abusing you- this makes him feel better about himself.

If it was the 1950s he would institutionalize you and make you go through shock treatments- all for loving him and hoping he will change- but he never will - why should he? he is god - the fallen angel lucipher actually.

Some beat and others emotionally abuse- it is rarely the woman's fault- her problem is loving him- so stop it! Let him find his next victim. By nature women stick with the ones they love so it is innate, just make sure you get a guy who is worth sticking around for.

This behavior usually runs in the family, not 100% but commonly it does so find out about his father and brothers, etc... Bill Clinton would not have been a cheat if his father was not that way- identity issues of men run deep and are usually learned patterns.

It's impossible to understand why. Don't try to. That's why crazy is crazy, it doesn't make sense. But anyone in that kind of a relationship (both sides) is sick in some way and both need to get out.

Trust me, I know from long sad experience. Abuse of any type, verbal, emotional, physical, is abuse. Why people do it or put up with it doesn't matter, it is abuse and 99% of the time will get worse.

Most men nowadays mostly need women babysitters to look after them.

some people enjoy the power trip, they are the people that have major issues but are scared to face their demons so they pick on the nice people.

Its not only men that do it, women can be evil too.


  1. That was not a nice guy and not even a guy. Images in this story speaks something directed to that guy and his wrong ways. Women will find nice guy and Nice guy will find his right girl in nice linings.

    1. Lol. They really know how to talk sweet nothings and leave women thinking that they are nice guys. Thanks for sharing your views.


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