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Loyalty over love.

Love is quite easily one of the most thrown around, battered, and bruised, terms of a lifetime. With everyone having a seemingly different understanding of what it means to them, it's essentially impossible to create a simple A + B = C --which is kind of what's being eluded to in this thread with love & loyalty.

I agree 100% ,there is no real unconditional love without loyalty! Most men are in Lust when they say those words or infatuated because if a man ( provider and protector) loves you He will be loyal! Anything less than is not love!

Reality is many people do not equate love with loyalty. They equate it with feelings, but not actions. For some, loving someone makes them less loyal because they fear committment. We can argue that it's steretypical, but statistically women are likely to be more loyal than men. Fact is today, people are more likely to look for someone who can fulfill their needs emotionally, socially, and physically without having to make a committment. So, loyalty is becoming more rare.

Well its a tough call. Because I would think a person puts a bloody lot of effort into their relationship and themselves. But when theres no traction when the right time to call it quits. No one wants to be a quitter but no one wants to be a sucker either.

The sinking ship scenario, sure its kind of romantic captain going down with his ship but really at the end of the day, a captain committed suicide because of a bunch of wood/steel. With people, it becomes you can be loyal and love them but do you want to stick with someone who isn't growing in some pretty vital ways. We all have that initial love period but sticking too after that is the biggest step for people.

I cant say where the line is but I would say loyalty over love, the initial feeling of love goes away eventually and you have to try and renew it with the same partner you're with. But that takes some time and effort and some people aint got that kind of time and resources. Nothing kills a young romance like the daily living, I bet a lot of couples are great when they're young until they start living independently and realise someone has to wipe the tables, mop the floors and pay the bills. Loyalty is love. Anybody can say they have it but the real ones live it and show it.


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