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Talk is cheap!

Before i make this easy to understand, can you recall those times you talked about someone?

For example,

Peter wants to know more about Mary. So Peter goes to sit next to her. Peter makes observations. Peter has concluded that Mary is a good girl. Peter tells Mary "give me your physics book ". Mary doesn't want to give Peter her book. So Peter got angry and left.

Now this two people have found something about each other. Something enough to talk about with other people.

Peter goes to hangout with his boys. He starts talking about Mary. He tells them that Mary is a good girl but very selfish.

Mary goes to hangout with her girlfriends. She starts talking about Peter. She tells them that Peter is a rude guy. She says that he lacks etiquette and that is why she never gave him her book.

Peter and Mary are two innocent people. They thought they knew better about each other and that is why they talked about each other.

My reason for saying that their talk was so cheap is because, given in the above example Peter and Mary never really talked about each other. They judged each other.

My point is;

You can't talk about someone without talking about yourself too.

You can't know about someone without taking a part in any of it. You always initiate the process. You have to do something that triggers their response.

If you act nice, the person will respond nicely too and vice versa.

Huh! This can be applied to those who gossip or spread rumours.

Think! 90% of our words and actions are what make someone to be who they will be when they are around us.

If you are not ready to talk about yourself, believe me that you are not in the correct mental state to talk about someone else too.

Think! five people in a group talking about the same person. They all have different opinions about the same person.


Because they treated this person differently and collected different information about this particular person. People tend to forget who they are when they talk about another person.

But remember, if you hate something about another person, you prolly hate yourself too. You only hate something in yourself that you find in another person.

My conclusion...

The words we speak redefines who we are. Even if they are about ourselves or other people.


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