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We can play a little game here by thinking in a positive way. So what if I gave corruption a new name like “do I a favor and I pay you?” So everyone out there is getting corrupt on evil means. A man gets caught stealing, so he gives out 200 shillings so that the witness doesn’t call him a thief. You know what he just did? He did “do I a favor and I pay you?” A man is caught by his wife trying to rape his daughter, he gives the wife that one vacation to London which she always wanted and also he gives his daughter freedom to go out on dates, all this in the name of having no one to report him. You know what he just did? He did “do I a favor and I pay you?” A student accidentally finds the biology teacher smoking in class, so the teacher gives the student free marks in the exam so that the student doesn’t tell on her. You know what the teacher did? She did “do I a favor and I pay you?” A woman sees a doctor stealing medicine; the doctor treats the woman’s child for free, so that the woman doesn’t report her. You know what the doctor did? Yes you got it right! The “do me a favor and I pay you?” Someone at the counter finds out that the pharmacist makes fake pills and mixes with the original drugs, so the pharmacist gives this person a job, all in the name of ‘don’t tell anyone’. The pharmacist did “do I a favor and I pay you?” Now I am deep in my thoughts thinking that we are all in need, like we need each other! So everyone is in need? Mhhhh… I think so because no man brave enough would stand against something wrong knowing that covering up for it will mean getting what you lack. “Do Me a favor and I pay you?” is a very big temptation! But corruption is evil! To justify corruption >>> everyone will say, “don’t throw stones at me because no one is perfect”


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Have you ever been told that your eyes are beautiful? You could be looking into everyone's eyes or in the mirror and wondering how beautiful eyes look like.
Is it the 'V' shape of your eyes or eyebrows?, is it the colour?, is it the size? or it is just another obvious compliment that you are used to hearing.SaD EyEs ArE BEAUTIFUL! Good people have sad eyes. I mean extremely beautiful eyes. And i do not mean that bad people have ugly eyes. Bad people have sad eyes too but lost.
You might be checking in the mirror and wondering where "lost" comes in or even wondering if you are a bad person. Haha! You are definitely not a bad person. You are just a good person but the 'lost' in your sad eyes hides the good in you.What i mean by "lost sad eyes" is that you got lost in your pain and became a bad person. You might have decided to become a completely different person from the original you because you think everyone expects that from you.Let us admit…

Money and Money Disorders.

Everywhere you look, there’s compelling evidence that the single-minded pursuit of wealth often leads smart people to do incredibly stupid things — things that destroy what money can’t buy.I ask myself the same questions. How is it that brilliant people with more money than they’ll ever need allow their hunger for even more money to cause them to lose everything? How much is enough, and why are people willing to risk so much to get more? If money is so alluring, how is it that so many people of great wealth also seem so unhappy?Just about everyone has a complicated relationship with money.The average Kenyan  seemed to suffer from a money disorder.Money disorders are persistent patterns of self-destructive and self-limiting financial behaviors.They result from distorted beliefs about money we develop from our financial flashpoint experiences.Whether it's a childhood of poverty or want, a message about money subconsciously internalized from a parent, a nest egg lost to an economic d…


I had a dream that i was pregnant. It felt so real. In my little white dress, and my hands on my belly.
I felt so special and pretty, a feeling that a model will never feel despite all the runways...
Maybe it was the way i was treated by people around me. I was on a new level.Maybe it was the way the drivers would stop their cars even before i had my right foot on the road. Maybe it was the way people will give way on a busy street . Maybe it was how the driver would turn down the volume when i got in the loud matatu.
Maybe it was the way he opened the door for me and pulled a chair for me. So i sat there thinking about him, the father of my unborn baby. Back to reality, am not pregnant, it must be my hormones playing tricks on me when i am sleeping.Google has many definitions on marriage. I have never come across a positive one.
If not two people who are inlove with each other seeking a paper proof that they can legally live together then it is loving each other even in those days wh…